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Welcome in CAP d'AGDE !

Agde is located in the south of France on picturesque shore of Mediterranean Sea . Founded about 2500 years ago, by Greek settlers, this little town of 10 000 people hosts more than one million visitors during a year.

Beautiful Hérault river runs through the town and connects Canal du Midi with Mediterranean sea. The large laguna known as The Pond of Thau produces excellent oysters and mussels, very famous among connoisseurs for their quality . The whole region is dominated by thousands of vineyards producing superb wine.

The cape of Agde, Cap d'Agde, was made by a lava flow from a very old, extinct volcano. Mt. St. Loup.

Plage de la Grande Conque

The basaltic lava flow from Mt. St. Loup created a very small black sand beach : Plage de la Grande Conque". This is the only black sand beach in France.

Cap d'Agde famous gray sand beaches, caressed by gentle waves of Mediterranean Sea are stretching for over nine miles.

The Naturist Village

The town of Cap D'Agde is clearly divided in two parts. "Textile" part of town, where nudism is not permitted, contains fishing port and recreational boats marina, restaurants, shopping centers, and numerous housing and apartment complexes for people who wants to be close, but not inside the naturist quarter. Village Naturiste, the world largest nudist resort is actually self contained town with it's own restaurants, bars, boutiques, clubs, hotel, marina and a large amount of mostly privately owned apartments, sometime offered for rental to the the public, through agencies like Geneviève.

The Village Naturiste is separated from the rest of town . The only excess through main gate is strictly controlled and requires a 10 € per week pass for residents. "Don't leave home without it", if you are planning to go outside the village.

For nudists and sexually liberated adults, Cap D'Agde represents total freedom. You have to visit this resort to see why.

The Village Naturiste contains much more than just a naturist beach or an ambiance of typical nudist resort. The Village Naturiste is fully fledged town, complete with supermarkets, tabac, restaurants, bars, cafés, hairdressers, beauticians, Brazilian wax shops, boutiques, delicatessens, butchers, bakers, post office, hotel, Internet café, laundry, bank, gas station, pharmacy and the medical center. The Village has even it's own police station. Numerous swimming pools are attracting people especially on the windy days. Unique architectural design of individual complexes mostly in the shape of terraced circle successfully protect inner swimming pools, from sometime cool sea breeze, extending relatively short season, when sunbathing on the beach is comfortable.

Many apartments are occupied by permanent residents year around, some are used only as a vacation's "get away" by their owners, leaving them vacant for very popular rental, to help to cover owners expenses.

"Naturist Heaven" !
You have a total
freedom to practice
nudism inside the
Village Naturiste
(see more pictures
within the page :
shopping in the village
by Kiki).

A lot of swinger clubs for couples, libertine restaurants or bars for meeting others couples are available inside the Naturist Village, but also around the town. July and August are very crowded.

Several large areas compose the village :
  • Port Ambonne
  • Héliopolis
  • Hélio Village
  • Port Nature
  • Port Vénus and Port Soleil
  • the Camping
  • the Marina
  • the Beach

Le Village Naturiste

Port Ambonne

Located close to the main gate, Port Ambonne is a large complex, build in the shape of semicircle, . In front of Port Ambonne, large swimming pool is surrounded by several shops, forming shopping arcade. Laundry, souvenirs, sexy dresses, food, wine, butcher, baker, caterer, hairdresser, and the bank. Go shopping with Kiki to get a feeling of the atmosphere !

Special recognition should be given to typical and very popular in French tradition, but unknown in USA : "Café Tabac" These popular "rest stops" are a combination of coffee shop, cigarette and newspaper store, and the tavern. "Café Tabac" are usually serving as a breakfast room in the morning, a bar during a day, and often, as a bistro or restaurant at night. You will always have "un café noir" available there or if you prefer... "une bière pression". Don't miss these places so unique to French culture !

In Port Ambone, there are also boutiques, restaurants, bars and clubs :


Héliopolis is the largest structure of the Village Naturist. Forming almost completely closed circle, with the opening, just few steps from the beach, this complex became the most desirable place to stay. Promenading and visiting several swimming pools, spread around Héliopolis' huge courtyard, it's a favorite pastime for many vacationers. "Skinny dipping" in warm pool is excellent alternative to, sometime cool waters of Mediterranean Sea. Short and easy access to the beach extends possibilities for strollers and "vista" lovers. Similar but larger than Port Ambonne business arcade, with many shops, utility and service places, including grocery stores, boutiques and variety of others, offer large shopping opportunities.

Attention !

Limited or nonexistent attire of gorgeous sales ladies running shops and boutiques, is known to help break codes into many wallets. Men are especially vulnerable to this distracting behavior. Their wives, not only accepting, but sometime even collaborating with this obvious women conspiracy, often ending up with material gain in the form of the new dress

Stores are open for business every day mostly from 9h00 to 19h00, but in the Village, boutiques around clubs are open from 17h00 till very late in the evening...


The best known club of Héliopolis complex Le Glamour is connected with equally known restaurant "La Villa Romaine" creating long remembered "dining and swinging" experience. Elegant surrounding , full of well dressed couple, enhanced by delicious dinner and the bottle of wine, gives a proper boost to incoming evening. Excellent value of entire evening adds to overall satisfaction :

Hélio Village

Outside of Héliopolis circle, large group of residential villas creates Hélio village. This concentration of a nice, luxury housing guarantees quietness and seclusion from the rest of the village.

Port Nature

Port Nature is a long complex in the "Y" shape. Outside of the main building, Port Nature contains many small, free standing villas facing picturesque alleys, doted with palm trees, roses and ever blooming laurels.
Two shopping centers complement this area with typical establishments like laundry, souvenir shop, Café tabac, grocery and beauty shops. Tattoo Studio and Internet Café are adding to variety of services.

Port Nature

Port Nature has a largest concentration of bars, restaurants, clubs and is popular spot for dining and meeting people. Many restaurants, bars, swinger clubs and sex shop serve that purpose. Some of them targeting alternative lifestyles and single people :

Port Vénus and Port Soleil

Port Vénus and Port Soleil are located in front of Port Ambonne on the other side of the marina. This part of the village is quieter, since a little bit far away from the summer noisiness. There is located the only Hotel of the Village (Hotel Eve).

There can be found restaurants, beauticians, massages and agencies.

The Camping

The Campground is located east of Héliopolis and has direct accesses to the beach. It's possible to rent a mobil homes there or to install your own tent, park the trailer or motor home. The access to the campground is very strictly controlled and only the residents may access the site.

It's open from April to October. The campsite is popular among the tourists who either own their camping equipment or have a desire to rent motor home and consider staying in Cap D'Agde as a part of their vacations. Hard core campers from our group are encouraged to contact us for more details and assistance to rent necessary vehicles and equipment.

Contact : Centre Hélio Marin (CHM) René Oltra Tel : / Fax :

There are more camping facilities outside of the Village, but not naturist...


The Marina

The marina offers variety of activities. Sailing, deep sea fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving, jet ski rental... Spectator sports like regattas are also often organized.

Popular swinger cruises for up to 8 couples, (40 € per couple) leaves a dock dally during nice weather, for half or full day trips (please, contact us for details).

The Naturist Beach

La Plage Naturiste - The Naturist Beach

More than 4 km of the beach were dedicated to naturism. Two first aid posts located on two opposite side of the stretch, usually help sunbathers, unawares, that their, long hidden from the sun "buns", may get baked quicker than expected.
Nudism is mandatory on this part of the beach. Bringing pets is formally forbidden. L'azure water of the coast seldom exceed temperature of 25°C - 78°F, making swimming on hot days very refreshing experience.

      The Naturist Beach can be divided in five VIRTUAL SECTIONS :
  • the GAY section, at the most eastern side of the beach
  • the COUPLES section, popular among swingers, has conveniently located beach restaurant, called "The Libertine Beach" ; this is a very hot, and very crowded place ; many evening dates are originated there
  • the DUNES, in front of the Couples and Gay sections are used by adventures couples for, normally forbidden, outdoor sex ; mounted police is patrolling this area, during July and August, they are not present in June and during the rest of the year
  • the QUIET section, in front of the campground, "quiet" because there is not too many people choosing this part of the beach
  • the FAMILY section, in front of the buidings Héliopolis and Port Nature

      First-aid post

The Libertine Beach

More about Cap d'Agde
More info about Cap d'Agde : Beginner's guide to Cap d'Agde

or you may find several other sites about Cap d'Agde by clicking here.

A travel book called The Naked Truth About Cap d'Agde (by Ross Velton), published by Scarlett, Oh! Publishing, details everything you need to know about this celebrated all-nudist resort town.


Geneviève Naturiste's desk
Geneviève Naturiste's pool
to Port Nature
Port Nature villas
Natura Beach
Port Vénus
Les Jardins de la Palmeraie
Port Soleil & Hotel Eve
Port Ambonne

An excellent satelite view of the village can be seen at this link.


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